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Astrofab Nebulae Green Visor 3d Printer


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astrofab is the latest resin 3d printer with a post-modern customizable design and latest technology with a built-in Hepa Carbon filter. Compared to other resin 3d printers in its class, astrofab’s printing speed is significantly higher. Astrofab’s 6′ 2k screen allows layer cure times of up to 2 seconds so you can quickly prototype and transform any idea into an object.

 below are the detailed technical specifications of astrofab.

user interface: 2.8′ touch color lcd screen

software/slicing engine: astrofabber

connectivity: built-in usb

storage: 8gb included usb

technology: masked lcd

xy res.: 0.05 mm 2560*1620 (2k)

z-axis res.: 0.01mm

layer res.: 0.02 ~ 0.1mm (recommended 0.05 mm)

printing speed: max 2 sec/layer

rated power: 45w

machine size: 12.2′ (312mm) l x 12.3′ (313mm) w x 16.5′ (421mm) h

build volume: 5.1′ (130mm) * 3.1′ (80mm) * 6.5′ (165mm)

material: Astro uv resin

net weight: ~5.25 kg / 12 lbs.

working temp: 68-86 f

storage temp: 32-95 f

what will you get in the box?

1 fully assembled astrofab 3d printer including the selected visor color

1 Hepa Carbon filter

1 build platform

1 resin tank

1 accessories box including the Astro usb

Additional information

Weight 20.00 lbs
Dimensions 15.00 × 15.00 × 22.00 in