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Big Plush 5 Ft. Long Dog Giant Stuffed Animal


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This adorable, big plush floppy dog puppy is wearing a bright red color, imprinted t-shirt that reads: “HUGS AND KISSES XO”.

Big Plush Dog Huge 5-Foot-Long Valentine’s Day Giant Stuffed Animal

Now THAT is sure to “send the message” about your true feelings!

This giant sized, adorable plush puppy dog is HUGE. It measures a staggering five feet long and over three feet wide. He is stuffed with premium quality, squishy soft polyester, so you can lay and lounge on your newfound big plush canine buddy to your heart’s content.

The fur of this snuggle buddy big dog is very soft, and the color is a pleasing, lush cream color that will warm your heart as much as this big dog’s smile will.

Made with extreme attention to detail, using the highest quality fabric and materials, this big stuffed dog is sure to make a lifetime of BIG and HAPPY memories. Meets and exceeds all child safety requirements.

If you want to make someone special say “WOW“. then get this huge, soft, smiling, big plush puppy wearing HUGS AND KISSES T-Shirt NOW.

Weight: 15

Width: 18

Height: 18

Depth: 24


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