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Haeckel’s Hummingbirds Jigsaw Puzzle


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All Styles are printed at high resolution and styles are mostly based on preference

Made in U.S.A

Haeckel’s Hummingbirds jigsaw puzzle

Size: 16″ x 11″

144 pieces

Comes individually packaged in a cardboard box with image of full puzzle and burlap bag for pieces

High-quality puzzles that can be framed a hung once complete

Laser-cut from 1/8-inch-thick wood OR 3/16-inch-thick recycled office paper (see details below)


Birch Wood – Natural Vintage Quality

Neutral wood undertones

Classic look and feel, reminiscent of how 1900’s hand cut jigsaw puzzles used to be made

Precision-cut pieces ensure smooth, easy assembly


 100% Recycled Paper – Rich Color Quality

Our most eco-friendly puzzle option, material is commonly used for LEED Certification

Comprised of compacted raw office paper (20 sheets thick equivalent)

Soft to the touch – Satin look – Heavy rigid feel – not your typical paperboard puzzle

Raw material – no additives – must keep dry


Birch Wood – Glossy Picture Quality

UV protected coating

Enhances bright and dark artwork to true picture quality

Overall, more vibrant and crisper look


Artwork Source: Trochilidae–Koli bris from Kunstformen der Nature (1904) by Ernst Haeckel. Digitally remastered


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Birch Wood (Natural Vintage), Birch Wood (Glossy Picture), 100% Recycled Compressed Paper (Rich Color)