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Colorful Turkish Beach Towel


SKU: the-happy-stripy-towel-1224857699


The Happy Stripes Towel. This is the only towel you will need this summer. Jolly and bright. Stack them by the pool or roll up in your beach bag.

A  different towel for every member of your family.

Colors Available:  Turquoise + Apple | Turquoise + Hot Pink | Violet + Turquoise | Mint + Grey | Orange + Citrus Red | Sea Green + Blue | Orange + Pink | Navy + Pink

Hand-loomed to perfection.

Dries in the sun, no mildew smell.

Compact and perfect for travel.

Sand resistant + quick drying

Light and airy with hand twisted tassels.

Made in Turkey using 100% Aegean Cotton.

30″ x 70″

Aegean cotton is known for its long fibers and actually feels better over time and with repeated washing.


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Turquoise + Apple, Turquoise + Hot Pink, Violet + Turquoise, Mint + Grey, Orange + Citrus Red, Sea Green + Blue, Orange + Pink, Navy + Pink